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Popular Mods and Where They Came From #BlogPost

Popular Mods and Where They Came From #BlogPost - Blog

We all know that trends come and go. There have been countless car mod trends that have become popular over the years, but where did the ideas come from?

Yellow Lights

Popular Mods and Where They Came From #BlogPost - Blog

Yellow headlights (usually achieved either by tint or by yellow HIDs) come from racing origins. The concept originally came from France, and was used for GT racing. The idea behind is that yellow lights create less glare and allows faster classes to identify the GT cars at night.

Negative Camber

Popular Mods and Where They Came From #BlogPost - Blog

Running negative camber on street cars is arguably the most popular current trend. While this tends to hurt performance due to a decreased contact patch size, its roots are performance oriented. Slight negative camber is used in racing, and the theory behind this tactic is based on increasing the contact patch through corners. As weight shifts to one side or the other, the tire is actually forced into having optimum grip.

Taped Headlights

Popular Mods and Where They Came From #BlogPost - Blog

The taped X’s across headlights are another trend that originates from racing. Taping headlights is often required as a safety measure in case the car is in a collision. Taping the headlights reduces the likelihood that glass or plastic shards will scatter across the racetrack which could cause tire punctures for other racers.

Fat Tires

Popular Mods and Where They Came From #BlogPost - Blog

Fat rubber has been something that has been popular for both performance and aesthetic benefits for decades. This trend became especially popular in America in the 70s with muscle cars trying to mimic the drag racers running enormous slicks. Obviously, there are performance benefits from running a wider tire as well.

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