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Turboing the 1G-FE a bad idea?

Turboing the 1G-FE a bad idea? - Lexus IS Forum

This 405hp IS200 by LEX11S (Outlaw Jap Forum) is here to prove you wrong.
It suprisingly didn’t take a lot of work on the engine block itself. It is a rebuild 1G-FE engine with the rods and pistons from a 1G-GTE. Apart from that the block has been ported, the head gasflowed and some other components polished.
Of course it also has some ARP studs but that is only natural for a car with over 200hp per Litre.

Doesn't she just look gorgeous?
Doesn't she just look gorgeous?

It is running a GT30 turbo, boost levels of this latest setup are sadly still unkown. According to the guys who tuned it this means it has 450hp at the flywheel.
The car features a multitude of other mods aswell including a lot of suspension work and (at the time) one of a kind engine mounts.

I plan on turboing my IS200 aswell, but have stumbled upon negativity almost everywhere I come with my plans and dreams. The truth is whenever you get someone who has actually worked on the is200 and/or is willing to seriously look into the project they always tell you that it is a solid canvas to start your build on. Turboing the IS200 might be just as expensive as a 1JZ-swap*, but you will keep the supreme handling that it has due to its 50/50 weight distribution.

In a few years I hope to post a green Lexus that will rival this one, or might even beat it (I’ve got some ideas ;)). But for now I’m just very happy someone has shown the haters what “the poor 1G” can do and with all the information that the owner posted in his thread.

All props to LEX11S on the Outlaw Jap forum, I just wanted to show you guys this amazing car and shed some light on a quite unknown route to serious power for the IS200

*Only if you can do most of the work yourself