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Top Gear

New Top Gear Lap Will Have A Rallycross Section To Encourage Epic Fails

Top Gear's new 'Star In A Rallycross Car' segment will incorporate a challenging dirt section with a whopping jump. Those celebs better take their brave pills!

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Ryan Reynolds and the Stig back in series 18
Ryan Reynolds and the Stig back in series 18

Revamping one of Top Gear’s most popular segments must be one hell of tricky task (‘Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car’ ran for a whopping 11 years) but it looks like Chris Evans and his new team have done exactly that.

Out goes the boring Vauxhall Astra, traditional track-layout and one-on-one method of interviewing, and in comes a Rallycross Mini Cooper, a whopping jump and intense celebrity battles; two celebs will tackle the track per week. Oh, and did we mention that there will be a special ‘water splash area’ that the competitors will have to hit at speed? Sounds like an absolute riot, and the potential for epic fails will be off the scale.

Three-time British Touring Car Championship champion Matt Neal has given us a sneak peak of the new track via Twitter. From the pictures, it doesn’t look like the circuit has been finished. And that’s rather surprising when you consider that American actor Jesse Eisenberg and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey will be competing next week.

When it is finished however, we should be in for a treat. If you want to watch the pair do battle, make sure to tune in to BBC2 on Sunday 29 May. Is anyone feeling excited yet?

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