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3D and 4D number plates:- Here’s what you need to know

Every day, we come across endless vehicles displaying number plates both at the front and back side. But, have you ever thought that the styles of number plates vary in compliance with the country standards. In the case of show plates, the owners have the freedom to design the number plate as per their own choices.

Today, we will deal with some off bit nature of number plates. One of the best materials needed for the production of the number plates is the acrylic plastic. It has a fair level of resilience. But it is not imperishable. Improper handling, excessive bending, drop from heights can break the plate.

Let’s talk about ‘Gel Letters’:

The 3D gel letters are tough in nature. They are quite flexible and don’t get damaged easily. But the private number plate featuring gel letters must be handled with care and stay away from scratching the surface. Drilling through the gel letters can lay an adverse influence on the adhesive and cause damage to the letters.

About 4D letters:

4D letters are manufactured of similar acrylic to the original plate. These letters are more fragile and vulnerable to damage. One can’t bend the letters. The letters are not supposed to be drilled because the letters can get cracked. Mishandling can ruin the glossy surface.

The private number plates must be treated with care. In case, the plates get damaged due to the fault of the buyer, the selling company won’t cover the plates for replacement.

Some fun facts about 4D and 3D number plates:

• Many people relate the term ‘4D’ with movies that can vibrate and move. Nut, number plates don’t vibrate unless your car rattles too much or there is a subwoofer in the boot.

• Wind or smoke won’t blow the private number plate off unless the plate is attached loosely or the vehicle is on fire.

• There is no separate temperature change going to happen with the 3D or 4D number plates.

A 4D number plate is actually a raised style of 3D font. The plate is just like any other normal plate, but with the main text field of characters that are built from laser cut letters attached on to the plate. You will get a pop out 3D appearance.

As per DVLA, certain rules must be followed if you wish to go legal. However, for show plates, you can display any style you want that is not necessary to be legal for road use.

You can confirm your name and address:

• Driving license

• Council tax, utility or rate bills (last 6 months)

• Bank statement (last 6 months)

• Building society statements (last 6 months)
National Identity card

Your name will be confirmed by the following:

• Bank debit or credit card

• Building society debit or credit card

• Passport

• Armed forces Identity card

• Police identity card

How can you clean the 3D and 4D personalized number plates?

Treat the 3D gel number plates just like the normal 2D number plates. Mop them with wash mitt or sponge. Use your home polishing products for cleaning the 3D and 4D private number plates. Don’t scratch the plates with your nails or sharp scrubbers. The normal car cleaning products can be effectively used to clean 3D and 4D private number plates. There are superior products available in the market. You can do a bit of research online and buy. You can visit a retail shop physically and ask for a demonstration from the executives. If you want extra shine, look for the products that are specially meant to create amazing shine.

Cleaning the 4D laser cut acrylic number plates is not the same as cleaning 3D gel plates. You can also use snow foam and clean with a detailing brush. An all-purpose cleaner will serve the purpose too. Then, rinse the letters with a pressure washer or a hosepipe. Then, you have to pat the private number plates dry with a soft microfibre towel.

You can use an alternative method for drying the 4D or 3D number plates. Make use of a blow dryer or a compressed air line. Spray some cleaning liquid onto a cloth and gently wipe the number plate. Then, re-wipe the plate with a dry cloth. The mud and stains from the road make it difficult for you to clean and shine your plate. Never rub the number plate aggressively.

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