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Gloriously Special And Fabulously Noisy: Watch £65 Million Of Aston Martin Being Naughty

To mark the opening of the new St Athan plant in Wales, two of Aston Martin's racing drivers joined its Chief Engineer to break-in the new factory floor via the medium of lairy oversteer in stunning heritage fleet classics

Remind me later

Aston Martin has got a pretty awesome back-catalogue of models and concepts, and it’s not often that you get to see £65 million worth of them all together in one place. But, luckily enough, that’s just what Aston itself has arranged for us all.

To celebrate the opening of the new factory in St Athan, in South Wales, the company has created this tongue-in-cheek video featuring a whole load of fabulously exciting old (and new) Aston Martins leaving tyre marks all over the factory floor. There’s even a cheeky dig at the much-mocked Cygnet. Sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy.

P.S. It’s better with headphones…