Alex Hamilton 10 years ago

CT's Top 20 Ultimate Christmas Presents

Wondering what the hell to get your car-lover mate or partner this Christmas? Then you've come to the right place! Here are 20 hot crimbo pressies we'd love to see underneath our tree...

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1. Porsche Messenger Bag

Swag your love for classic Porsches with this messenger bag. It has plenty of pockets, including a padded one for a laptop or tablet. The adjustable shoulder strap is an actual seat belt (tres cool) and it's also waterproof. Get it from Porsche Design for £85.

2. Bugatti Veyron Hire

Obviously, your own Christmas Veyron is unrealistic. What is more possible (ish) is the keys to one for the weekend, however. Just £45,000 with Holders. Yep, would rather have this for the weekend than an Audi TTRS for life...

3. Forza Horizon

If your gaming son, daughter or even husband doesn't have the latest edition of Forza, why the hell not!? As our review shows, it is a beautiful way of getting your hands on cars new or old from the comfort of your couch and race them against others from around the world. Pick up a copy for around £40.

4. Ferrari Carbon Fibre Chess Set

For the ultimate chess set, look no further. This Ferrari set is handmade using carbonfibre, fibreglass and wood. Check out the knight pieces. They're just like the prancing horse's head. All yours from the Ferrari store at an incredible £1,482!

5. Life Size VW Camper Tent

Normal tents are just so boring to look at and Classic VW Campers even cooler than those off-road Segways we got our hands on. So why not consider this awesome life-sized VW Camper tent? It has two double sized 'rooms' and there's enough space for five inside. Just. This outdoor awesomeness is yours for £300.

6. Clutch Clock

Take a useless old clutch to a chap called Dave Clark and he'll turn it into a time piece! This particular one is made from a clutch previously used to swap cogs in a Lamborghini Gallardo. You can get your old exotic cog swapper to tell the time from £300.

7. 911 TV Cabinet

Vroom Decor creates the perfect piece of furniture to watch Dave on thanks to this custom TV cabinet. This particular 996 model fits TVs of up to 42 inches and can house your PS3 and Xbox under its bonnet. Once the telly's off, it sinks down into the car so you can sit and admire its back end. Prices on request.

8. Car Key USB Sticks

Fool your friends into thinking Santa was incredibly kind to you with one of these car key USB sticks. They have a capacity of about 8gb and can be bought for as little as £30. The Audi one even has a switchblade USB plug!

9. UK Track Day

Test your car to the limit at one of the many track day events across the UK. From Knockhill to Goodwood, Anglesey to Lydden Hill you can gain entry to some excellent British asphalt from as little as £100.

10. Classic Car Wallet

Show your appreciation for classic cars every time you get your cash out. As well as pockets for notes and coins as you'd expect, there are also card holders for things like your driving licence. If you own a classic car, your new wallet would probably be empty.

11. Autoglym Showroom Shine Kit

The perfect present for the car cleaning obsessive is this Showroom Shine kit. In the bag you get polish for bodywork and glass with a proper cloth, bodywork shampoo and a sponge that's way better than Patrick Star's best bud. Yours for around £15.

12. Ferrari Pumas

Available in sizes 6 to 13, these ultimate Ferrari Pumas are available in white, black and even bright red. These particular ones are the Driving Power pair which should make heel and toeing better. Yours for £80.

13. Build Your Own Engine

Learn how to suck, squeeze, bang and blow with this miniature internal combustion engine. Once all the frustration caused by building this thing is over and it's all together, enjoy watching the pistons, valvegear and fan belts move and the spark plugs light up! £20 bags you this one.

14. Cardok

Protecting your big wheels can be tricky. Not so with the Cardok, however. For a cracking low price of $61,000 (£38k) have your driveway rise up to contain a parking space protected from the elements. Unless there's flooding or rodents... eugh.

15. Lego VW Camper

If you've purchased the VW Camper tent and need something to do in it, why not build an awesome Lego version? Once the millions of tiny pieces are put together you can enjoy the Camper's flip-up safari windshield and pop up roof! You can pick up a set for around £80.

16. MINI Cooper S Suitcase

Take the 5 mile long walk from the departure lounge entrance to gate 6002 in style with this super chic Mini Cooper luggage case. The hard case measures 55 x 38 x 23cm and is worth £180. If you're not keen on a big British flag on it, you can get it with racing stripes instead, which logically makes it go faster...

17. Car Memes Car Stickers

Car Throttle friends 'Car memes', purveyors of hilarious memes have an online shop of awesome bumper stickers, which are guaranteed to offend Prius owners, fat people and and those of you without a sense of humour or mad drifto skillz. They're also offering 10 per cent off your purchase price using promo code GOODGUYGREG. Around £2 bags you this bumper LOL.

18. Car iPhone/iPad Covers

Let everyone know your big love of cars every time you get your iPhone or iPad out. These cool iPhone covers can fit onto any iPhone 4 or 4S. Yeah, bet you're feeling smug with your bigger iPhone 5 now!

19. Top Gear Calendar

Since we haven't got round to creating a calendar for our CT fans, we recommend the awesome Top Gear one to help you remember what day it is through 2013. Each month has some great shots including 50 years of the E-Type, the roadtrip with the Aventador, 12C and Noble, plus Jeremy's test of the BMW 1M Coupe burning rubber. Eight British pound coins are all you need.

20. Car Throttle Tee

And finally the most stylish pressie on the list are our awesome tees! 15 pound coins will get you either the classic 'Not So Fast' one modeled by the chap above and by our presenters on YouTube. You can also opt for our new 'Road Explode' tee modeled by the sexy chica on the right! Get your small, medium or large T Shirt right here.