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Check Out How Much Faster The Tesla Model X's Falcon Wing Doors Open After An Update

Believe it or not, Tesla's latest over-the-air update for the Model X actually makes its fancy 'Falcon Wing' doors open faster by a noticeable margin

Remind me later

While the headline news from Tesla’s latest over-the-air update concerned Autopilot updates, for Model X users it actually included a very practical change. We’re talking about those fancy ‘Falcon Wings’, and while the Model X has come under attack for these incredibly complicated doors, they do at least open and close quicker now post-update.

As demonstrated in the video above, they now open 1.5sec quicker, closing an even more significant 2.2sec faster. You’re looking at a 22 and 26 per cent reduction in operation time respectively, which your average Model X owner will no doubt appreciate if it’s chucking it down with rain when they get back to their car.

Video via Motor1