Behold The Fury Of A Three-Rotor Mazda RX-8 Rally Car

This 20B-powered RX-8 rally car makes a superb noise that you won't forget in a hurry

Remind me later

As far as we’re concerned, rear-wheel drive rally cars are the coolest rally cars. That’s why this Mazda RX-8 first caught our attention, before we even noticed what powers it. And what it’s packing under the bonnet is quite special: a three-rotor 20B rotary engine, pushing out somewhere in the region of 370bhp.

As you’d expect, it sounds utterly, mesmerisingly awesome, letting out the kind of shriek that’d make an N/A V12 blush. The car is driven in various Rally Sprint series events in New Zealand by a chap called Markus Van Klink, who clearly doesn’t hang about.

This is one of those times you’ll be wanting to find a nice pair of headphones or some speakers. Trust me.