#carsyouveneverheardof : Mitsubishi Galant AMG

Mitsubishi - #carsyouveneverheardof :  Mitsubishi Galant AMG - Tuning

Yes, this this is real. Or it was, in the late 80s. It mainly sold in Japan but a few were exported to Australia.

Basically, AMG took some Galant VR4’s, made them handle slightly better, and squeezed a few more HP from the engine. Otherwise the mods they did were just body kits and AMG badges.

The fun ended when Mercedes bought AMG.

They also did a AMG Debonair although engine is stock, but handling was improved a bit, otherwise just interior and body kit providing cheaper alternative to a 560SE/SEL AMG. Only sold in Japan.

These cars along with Debonair counterpart are legal to be imported into the US right now, although I have no idea if anyone would import one.