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Welcome to the Car Throttle page of MX5Parts, the UK’s foremost MX-5 specialist. We’re all fully paid up MX-5 aficionados, all committed to helping you derive as much fun as possible from Mazda’s iconic little sports car, all hugely passionate about keeping as many of these fantastic little cars on our roads as possible.

Parts are, as you might well have guessed, central to out business. We carry a vast array of hardware for all four generations of MX-5; everything from minor trims and plastics clips, to aftermarket engine components and OEM gear. Put simply, if it’s been produced for the MX-5 at some point over the last few decades, chances are we’ll be able to help you get it!

Our expansive workshop facility enables us to cater for all MX-5 requirements and repair scenarios. Not only do we have some of the latest tools and diagnostic equipment to call upon, we employ a small but passionate team of engineers to man them, ensuring that your car is in good hands throughout its time with us. The upshot is that we’re the very best people to entrust your pride and joy too, no matter whether you require a routine service, some troubleshooting or a complete rebuild.

Sound interesting? Then please do follow the link below to our website, complete with drop-down menus covering NA, NB, NC and ND models, blog posts, product reviews and much, much more.