1996 Renault Megane Maxi KitCar

Renault - 1996 Renault Megane Maxi KitCar - Garage

The first thought was that, we want to get a higher level of rally racing, but after that we realised in there we cant be competitive with the F7R 171HP engined N Class Megane.
So we started to build a Megane Maxi KitCar. Just like Jean Ragnotti had. A dream come true slowly. My father and i always drove this car in the Network Q Rac Rally game in the past, and now this car is real. Sometimes we just sit in the garage and stare at her.

The engine, and the drivetrain isn’t complete yet, but the suspension, and the body is full complete.

The first race, if everything goes as we planned, will be in 2016.
I will update the car with the new images as we get further with this little monster. :)

Some specs:
Engine base: Megane 1 Ph1 F7R Williams Engine, after build with 285WHP
Transmission: Renault CUP - 6 Speed H with LSD (No money for Sequential, maybe in the future)
Suspension: Redesigned, to avoid the original problems.
Curb Weight: 930kg (without the engine, and drivetrain)
Tires: 255/45 R18 Now, it will be the same size slick for races
Rim: 7J R18 ATS Motorsport DTM (and a lot other :D )

2016 July update:

The exterior is finished, we are waiting for the engine!