3 Times Fernando Alonso Proved He Is The King Of F1 Race Starts In 2016

There have been very few Formula 1 drivers who have been able to pull off incredible race starts quite like McLaren’s Fernando Alonso, here are just a few examples from this year’s season

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Fernando Alonso has always been good at Formula 1 race starts. We’ve known that for quite some time.

But the fact that he continues to boss them despite F1 changing the rules regarding starts this year and putting more control in the drivers’ hands makes it even more impressive.

The McLaren driver may not have the quickest car on the grid, but more often than not he’s the fastest driver away from the lights and has made up a ridiculous amount of places over the first laps of the 2016 races.

This was evident at the Malaysian Grand Prix last weekend, where he went from 22nd to 12th in the space of half a lap or so.

In Monza he showed off his insane reactions with a stunning near miss and dab of opposite lock while avoiding a Williams.

There was also his crazy first lap in Russia, where his reaction to the lights was registered at 0.08 seconds. That is a mad figure.

Alonso, we bow down to you and your perfect F1 starts. Keep it up!

Via WTF1