Alex Hamilton 9 years ago

13 Clever Things You Can Do To Your Car With Duct Tape

Man's greatest tool can help your car in many ways!

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duct tape meme Next to our four-legged friends, man's best friend is duct tape. It's cheap, easy to get hold of and fixes just about anything. Bearing this in mind, we wondered how this magical, quick-fix budget tool is used in the car world. Here are 13 excellent applications of duct tape:

13. Instant colour change

duct tape meme

12. Replace your broken door

duct tape door

11. Fix that fabric roof

duct tape roof

10. Never run out of fuel. Sort of

duct tape fuel gauge

9. Spruce up a dull interior

duct tape interior

8. Re-attach your bumper

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7. Eradicate rust

duct tape car patch

6. Replace a broken window

5. Save money on a roof box

4. Keep it running at all costs

3. Racing stripes on the cheap

duct tape racing stripes

2. Save money on livery specialists

Duct tape racing

1. Lift your car off the ground

Seen any more epic uses for duct tape on cars? Let us know in the comments!