Matt Robinson 9 years ago

10 Annoying Things We All Hate About Driving

Most of us love driving, but there are times when we can't stand being in a car. Here are the reasons why

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We all love driving, especially when we're behind the wheel of a hot car on a twisty stretch of smooth tarmac. Like it or not though, there are times when driving is a real chore. To find out exactly what we hate most about driving, we asked you on Facebook to tell us the things that you hate most. From the 300+ comments, we've compiled this list of the unfavourable realities of driving that in an ideal world we'd all like banished from existence.

Fuel prices

Gas-prices Norway usually tops the world rankings for the most expensive fuel. Average petrol prices in the country cost €1.86 per litre (£1.53 or $9.69 per US gallon).


Traffic_jam_Sao_Paulo_09_2006_30 If you think the traffic is bad where you are, spare a thought for the drivers of Sao Paulo. The Brazilian city frequently experiences traffic jams over 100 miles long.

Speed bumps

As irritating as speed bumps are, there is something you can do. Get enough people together to complain and local councils have often been known to remove them. Power to the people!


tumblr_mqtnitE7TU1swqozuo6_400 If you like nothing more than a B-road blast, you'll have likely lost count of the amount of times it's been spoiled by a slow-moving fibreglass box of misery. At least the Top Gear boys make us feel better by destroying them at every available opportunity...

Prius drivers

south_park_smug_prius The mention of Prius drivers is no surprise. When we recently asked you what it was you hated most about Toyota's hybrid, it was the people that drive them, who you labelled as slow, smug and just plain irritating.

Pot holes

These are a particular problem on our shoddy road surfaces in the UK. It's been estimated the damage caused to our cars every year by UK potholes totals a staggering £2.8 billion.

Speed limits

UK_50_mph_speed_limit_sign The first speed limits in the UK were set by the Locomotive Act of 1861. The limit on open roads was 10mph, and 5mph in habited areas. Speed limits have at least raised a little since then...

De-icing the car in winter

This is something that's a real pain, particularly if you live in a country which experiences harsh winters. That said, if you're not too bothered about the state of your car's bodywork, simply de-ice your ride with a hammer.

Speed cameras

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Speed traps are a depressing reality on today's roads, but take heart: it's been estimated that as many as 75 per cent of UK speed cameras aren't even switched on.

Bad drivers

Something mentioned countless times by you was other drivers. Sadly, our roads are full of idiots who can easily ruin the joy of driving. Happily, some of them - like the driver in this video - do get their comeuppance.