Here's A Jaguar XF Casually Doing 117mph While Towing A Skier

Jaguar just broke the Guinness World Record for the 'fastest towed speed on skis' using a V6 XF Sportbrake and a spectacularly brave Olympic skier

Jaguar Land Rover Model Names Are About To Get More Complicated

Be prepared for cars like the F-Type 'P380', as a spy shot seems to reveal JLR is rolling out the naming structure first used on the Range Rover Velar

An Electrified Jaguar F-Type Is Coming

Jaguar has confirmed that the current F-Type will be replaced with a new sports car, and that when it happens, one version will be built with either a hybrid or full-electric drivetrain

Jaguar Will Go Racing Next Year... With The I-Pace SUV

Jaguar already competes in Formula E, but as of the 2018/19 season it's going to be filling the support race slot, too, with - of all things - an electric SUV

Every All-New Jaguar And Land Rover Will Have Electrified Options From 2020

Jaguar Land Rover has confirmed a big electric power push, but the company has stopped short of a total shift to hybrid and electric propulsion

This Detachable AI Device Is The Steering Wheel Of The Future, According To Jaguar

'Sayer' is a new steering wheel device intended to explore what mobility might be like beyond 2040

The New Jaguar XJR575 Is 567bhp Of Weaponised Comfort

At a glance it could be just another no-doubt diesel-fulled Jaguar XJ going about its business, but the XJR575 is a true cruise missile that has to be limited to a 186mph top speed

The Jaguar E-Pace Barrel Roll Stunt Is Both Bonkers And Beautiful

Jaguar jumped its way into the record books with an incredible barrel roll in the new E-Pace

Jaguar Has Destroyed 150 Prototypes By Extreme-Testing The New E-Pace

Over more than two years of testing in extremes of heat, cold and off-road worst-case scenarios, Jaguar has gone through 150 prototypes in order to reach the finished E-Pace formula

This Jaguar XJR-12's Hill Climb Run Is Astonishing To Watch

The winning run at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed involves serious commitment and lots of lovely V12 noise

V8-Powered Jaguar XE And XF SVRs Could Still Happen

Speaking at a preview event for the XE Project 8, SVO's vehicle engineering manager hinted that a watered down version is still possible

8 Things You Need To Know About The 592bhp Jaguar XE SV Project 8

Jaguar has revealed all about its bonkers road-legal track weapon, from fat tyres to huge carbon ceramic brakes