A 261bhp VW Polo GTI 'Clubsport' Could Be On The Way

While not confirmed for production just yet, VW is considering a faster version of the new Polo GTI
A 261bhp VW Polo GTI 'Clubsport' Could Be On The Way

While we enjoyed driving the new VW Polo GTI for the first time recently, we couldn’t help but think its fine chassis could handle a little more power.

It seems VW is pondering the same thing, as a considerably more powerful version is indeed being proposed. “There are papers existing for a so called ‘Clubsport’ version for the Polo,” VW product line spokesperson Martin Hube told Car Throttle at the GTI’s recent press launch.

“We are thinking about a 265hp (261bhp) version with the slip differential that we have in the Clubsport Golf [the VAQ unit], so there is something possible with the Polo,” he added.

While packaging the locking differential is difficult, it will indeed fit, Hube confirmed, adding about 20kg to the front axle. And with the standard GTI already packing a 2.0-litre EA888 engine, slotting in a more powerful version shouldn’t be an issue in terms of space.

A 261bhp VW Polo GTI 'Clubsport' Could Be On The Way

But wouldn’t a Polo Clubsport create an issue with the GTI hierarchy, given that it’ll be quicker than the Golf GTI Performance? Hube isn’t so sure. “We all know the Golf is waiting for the next generation, so now is the possibility for the Polo to put the Golf under pressure with no doubt. At the moment you can do it,” he said.

Nothing’s definite just yet though, and it has been previously suggested that VW may go down the ‘R’ route with the Polo. The issue with that is weight: Hube notes that fitting a Haldex four-wheel drive system would add around 200kg to the car.

Given that the GTI Clubsport is a more exciting, engaging machine than the Golf R, we know which hot Polo version we’re rooting for…



Even more bummed that the polo isn’t offered in the U.S now. Com on VW

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