John Cena Is Being Sued By Ford For Reselling His New GT

In Ford's GT buyer's contract it states that buyers have to keep their GT for at least two years, so after WWE star John Cena flipped his for a presumed profit after just two weeks, lawyers got involved

John Cena, WWE superstar and ‘Murican hero, is being sued by Ford for selling his brand new GT on for a massive profit, against the specific instructions of his buyer’s contract.

Ford had the luxury of being able to pick and choose who it wanted to sell a GT to, and it only gave the green light to rich and/or famous individuals who had prior relationships with Ford cars or a massive affinity for the brand – and could prove it. John Cena, in the position he is, was judged a perfect ‘ambassador’ for the car and for Ford.

John Cena Is Being Sued By Ford For Reselling His New GT

It looks to have gotten a bit messy, though. According to Ford, which has filed a lawsuit in Michigan, Cena only owned his GT for a couple of weeks before selling it for a rumoured big profit. Ford specified a 24-month ownership period as a minimum to qualify for a GT purchase.

Ford also claims that it contacted Cena to try to settle the matter out of court, but got the cold shoulder – hence the legal mess that has followed. Maybe Cena will have an (oho!) attitude adjustment.

John Cena Is Being Sued By Ford For Reselling His New GT

Ford will ultimately need to set out the amount of damages it wants to claim back from Cena, and according to an analysis on Road & Track, that might not be so easy.

Maybe he was hoping that Ford, err, can’t see him. Unfortunately, its lawyers definitely can.


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