From Today, Hand-Holding Your Phone While Driving Could Get You Banned Instantly

Passed your driving test within the last two years? Then you're one of many who could be in deep trouble if you're caught with your phone in your hand while driving
From Today, Hand-Holding Your Phone While Driving Could Get You Banned Instantly

Starting today, British drivers who passed their test less than two years ago will have their licence torn up if they get caught hand-holding a mobile phone while driving.

New rules mean that anyone still within their two-year probationary period who gets caught texting, tweeting, taking a driving selfie or checking CT for the latest will be banned, even if it’s a first or only offence. Police forces all over the UK will be out in unmarked HGV units over the next week to look down into cars and catch people in the act.

The penalty has doubled from £100 and three points to £200 and six, and racking up six points within the first two years after passing the UK driving test means it’s the end of the road – at least until the ban runs out, at which point offenders have to retake both their theory and practical tests.

Purely anecdotal evidence suggests huge numbers of people are using their phones, even if it’s in slow-moving traffic, which is still illegal. An RAC study last year found that a third of people were willing to admit they used their phone illegally while driving, and the true figure could be much higher.

With the higher punishments in mind, take care, CTzens. As much as we love everything you bring to our little corner of the web, we don’t want any torched licences.


Dave 12

I got into a taxi the other day where the dude was watching cricket and swerving all over the road. Told him to stop and I got out without paying. Idiot. That said I really don’t see the harm in hitting the skip track button every once in a while but I guess as usual we just have to play to the level of the lowest common denominator. If only people could put down Facebook without having an anxiety attack we might not be here.

03/04/2017 - 11:02 |
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Fart Vader the wise

Bring this kind of laws to Chile. It’s a freaking madness with people driving and texting.

08/18/2017 - 22:31 |
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