The Alfa Romeo 155 DTM Sounds Remarkably Like A Modern F1 Car (But Better)

TIL: the old Alfa Romeo V6 Ti DTM car from 1996 sounds just like one of the modern-era V6 F1 machines...
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Given that it’s also a V6 engine that revs to around 12,000rpm, I suppose it shouldn’t be that surprising that this brilliantly shouty Alfa sounds a lot like a modern F1 car, but the similarity is quite striking.

While modern 1.6-litre F1 units can rev to 15,000rpm, they’re typically kept to a 12,000rpm ceiling during race weekends for boring reasons like reliability and fuel saving. The 2.5-litre Alfa unit meanwhile spins up to 11,500rpm, producing just shy of 500bhp. And as there’s no turbocharger ‘spoiling’ the exhaust note, it sounds noticeably gnarlier than the smaller F1 engine.


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