The Pagani Zonda Is “Terrible” To Drive, Says Lewis Hamilton

In an interview with the Sunday Times newspaper, Lewis Hamilton has described his own custom Zonda as the worst-handling car he owns
The Pagani Zonda Is “Terrible” To Drive, Says Lewis Hamilton

Four-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton says his Mercedes-engined Pagani Zonda 760 LH is the worst-handling car he owns.

Speaking about his modestly-sized collection of cars in an interview with the Sunday Times newspaper, the Hockenheim Grand Prix winner didn’t exactly give the one-off car the best review. He said:

“The Zonda is terrible to drive! It’s the best-sounding car I own, but handling-wise it’s the worst.”

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Well, that’s pretty definitive. Of the 15 cars he owns, and splits between garages in Monaco and Los Angeles, about half are ‘special.’ They include three Ferraris: a 599 SA Aperta, a red LaFerrari and a white LaFerrari Aperta.

The LaFerrari Aperta was recently seen being removed by a tow truck from outside a Malibu restaurant, with paparazzi perpetuating the idea that it had been towed for parking violations. That wasn’t the case, though. The truth is far stranger, as he explains:

“In LA, I’ve got a tow truck and a handyman. If I think I’ve had my excitement quota for the day I’ll ring him up and he’ll collect it from wherever I am.”

Yep, that’s right: to keep the mileage on his beloved cars down, Hamilton will drive to wherever he wants and then call a man to come and remove it via truck. We have so many conflicting emotions right now.

The all-time pole position record-holder also owns a few American cars, like a pair of original Shelby Cobra 427s. The dream, though, is to end up with a Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder. He told the Sunday Times:

“That’s the dream car, like the one in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. When I retire, that’s what I want to drive.”



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