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Here's Why Toyota Is Taking Their Production Cars Out Of Video Games #Blogpost

Toyota - Here's Why Toyota Is Taking Their Production Cars Out Of Video Games #Blogpost - Gaming

This whole thing started with Forza Motorsport 7, and now Need For Speed Payback. At first I thought it was Toyota fighting back at people for calling their cars boring, but that’s not the case. Because it’s been announced that more than one game won’t have Toyotas, we have learned that this is Toyota’s fault, not the game developers. Get ready for the ridiculous reason.

In 2009 a Toyota Executive said “Realistic Video Games Make Cars Unnecessary”. I don’t understand what he means by this because a car in a game and a car in Real life are two completely different thing that actually have nothing to do with each other. That same executive said “Home game machines are no good. Playing something that realistic makes the need for cars disappear.” F**KING REALLY!!! It’s not like as if I’m going to turn my PlayStation on to go to the shops, It just doesn’t work like that.

If video games hurt sales of cars in real life then manufacturers such as Nissan would be screwed, because a lot of their advertising is done in games and game related things like GT academy. I think what is actually effecting Toyota’s sales is the bad reliability that Toyota have had to deal with in the past 15 years or so. Toyota haven’t been hit that hard by that either, because they produce more and more cars every year all over the world. I can’t find any information on who said these thing, but I believe it was Akio Toyoda (President of Toyota).