The story of Lamborghini - how an argument started a war

Thank you Enzo Ferrari, for pissing Ferruccio Lamborghini off

Oh, Lamborghini. A supercar every “non-car guy” wants. They are really something special, however, they started off by an argument.

Back in 1960’s Mr. Lamborghini was very rich. He owned a Ferrari 250 GT. He loved that car. H would drive it every weekend. However, after a month the clutch started to have issues. It would slip a lot, and the car would stall sometimes. Then he took it to a Ferrari dealership. They replyed that their cars are perfection and that he made the story up, even tho the car wouldn’t run properly. Then he went to Mr. Enzo. However, he wasn’t really welcome there.

He said:

Mr. Ferrari, I enjoy your car, it's such a masterpiece. However, I'm having a problem with a clutch

Before he could finish Mr. Ferrari replyed:

You think I'm stupid. My cars are a masterpiece and I wouldn't pick a wrong clutch. Since you don't know how to drive a car, drive a tractor instead!

Mr. Lamborghini was angry, but also sad. He said:

I make tractors, and I helped my friend fix his car. Why can't I try fixing it myself

As he stripped the car down he had a wild idea

Hey, why I don't simply use a tractor clutch to power my car?

And then the first ever Lamborghini was born the 350GT. It was much better than the Ferrari 250GT.

Thanks for reading - Tomislav Celić
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Very Nice, I knew it but not that well, nice post m8

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Nice blog!

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