Matt Robinson profile picture Matt Robinson 5 years ago

Watch A 2000bhp Lamborghini Huracan Spin Out At 200mph

A heavily-modified Huracan is seen spinning off into the grass at the Texas Invitational speed event

Remind me later

What we have here are two tuned Lamborghini code brown moments. The video - a highlights reel from the Texas Invitational - is quite long, so you may want to skip firstly to around the 4min 35sec mark, where you’ll see something expensively fail on a Nissan GT-R, followed by Lambo crash number one.

This features a Gallardo crashing out quite early on in its run, and once you skip to the 9sec mark, it’s the turn of a Huracan. This car on the other hand drops it at the end of the run, meaning it’s doing more like 200mph.

Fortunately, it doesn’t dig in and flip over, but the speed of the muddy wipe out will have made an unholy mess underneath the poor Lamborghini…