This 1150bhp Challenger Hellcat Still Can’t Beat A McLaren 720S

Despite a 440bhp advantage on paper over the standard, but insanely quick British supercar, this massively upgraded Challenger Hellcat still isn’t quite fast enough…

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Video: YouTube/DragTimes

We all know that if you tune a slower car you can make it faster than cars that originally had the upper hand. It’s not rocket science; just plain, old, ordinary physics and we love it.

These tuning exercises often throw up surprising comparisons. This Challenger Hellcat owner, for instance, has uprated his car’s V8 with a much bigger supercharger and a whole suite of power-boosting extras for an output of 1150bhp… and yet it still can’t outpace a standard McLaren 720S in a 45-160mph drag.

It’s not that the Hellcat is slow, by any means. It’s just that the 720S is ridiculous…