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Porsche Details Five Of Its Weirdest Prototypes

In a new instalment of its Top 5 series, Porsche details five very unusual prototypes

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Like many manufacturers, Porsche has all sorts of weird and wonderful prototypes stuffed away in its archives. Some will present the early stages of a production car’s evolution, while others didn’t make it past the concept stage.

This new video from the company looks at what Stuttgart considers to be its five best ‘secret prototypes’, and it’s a pretty bonkers range of vehicles.

We have the 984, a small sports car that you could consider a precursor to the Boxster and Cayman. There’s a weird drop-top Cayenne (yep, we don’t mind that this didn’t get made), with two different rear-end designs on one body.

The innards of the 918 Spyder laid bare
The innards of the 918 Spyder laid bare

The single-seater 1987 911 Speedster Clubsport looks cool, and the styling of the Panamericana is simply wild. The best is saved until last: it’s a ‘rolling chassis’ for the 918 Spyder, best thought of as a naked prototype version of the hybrid supercar. It was built to give journalists an early look at the 918 and its tech. It looks pretty serious with all its guts on display, doesn’t it?