Spectators didn't care CTOM



Dylan Smit you write a lot about rally, what do you think?

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This is mostly true. You had to be a special sort of Jedi to safely take a Group B car to the limit.

And even cars with good handling like the Peugeot were dangerous, it had a tendency to pitch its nose downward during jumps. That little feature caused Ari Vatanen to somersault at 120mph in Argentina. His seat broke and he nearly died from his injuries.

The fans not caring was mainly a problem in Southern Europe, especially Portugal. The Portuguese treated rallying like bullfighting. They tried to touch the cars to show their manhood. Timo Salonen reportedly found a severed finger in the grille of his Peugeot…
Unsurprisingly Portugal is where the accident that banned Group B happened.

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Poketube6681 (Forzatographer) (Porsche Owner)

The same reasons why it was removed from rally

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God damn right except the drivers could handle their rides but the spectators came too close causing the car to lose balance and the driver lose control

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Most people couldn’t actually. The great Walter Rohrl said there were only about five people who could actually handle a Group B car at full speed.

He also said the cars were so fast and violent there wasn’t even time to really listen to the pace notes. Rohrl solved that problem by memorizing every single turn on every single stage. That’s how savage those cars were on the limit.

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Forza Napoli

I swear I saw this in 9GAG earlier today…

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I uploaded t to 9gag

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David 27

Yup, and that’s why it got banned.

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Stefan Djordjevic (Yugo Squad)

Audi s2 - my dream car

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