Many find the Invidia N1 exhaust too aggressive and the Q300 not quite aggressive enough. So the new Invidia Gemini R400 was created to fill that gap. Just like the Q300 the Gemini has no drone. It’s something your mother could easily drive to the grocery store without complaining about a thunderous exhaust leak. Something that can’t be said about the N1 exhaust.

The new Gemini system starts with a resonated mid pipe that flows into two uniquely stacked straight through mufflers, then exits out the dual 101mm polished stainless steel tips or the optional burnt blue titanium tips. It’s slightly louder than stock off throttle, but as soon as you hear it on a cold start or step into the accelerator pedal, everyone around you will hear the aggressive tone. It’s just loud enough to enjoy a twisty backroad, yet still tame at highway speeds to easily carry on a conversation without raising your voice.

If you’re looking for a daily driver exhaust that isn’t overbearingly loud and droney, then we seriously recommend the Gemini. It’s aggressive when you want but it’s still able to be reserved if you lighten up on the gas. However if you want a more aggressive tone, closer to that of the N1, you can simply pair the Gemini with a set of headers and front pipe.

Idle: 71 db
Revving: 99 db
Piping Diameter: 70mm
Tip Diameter: 101mm
Tip Material: Polished Stainless or Titanium
Piping Material: 304 Stainless Steel


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