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Here's Why The Cadillac ELR Was Horrific Value For Money

Cadillac expected people to stump up $76,000 for the short-lived ELR plug-in hybrid when it was new, but as Doug DeMuro explains, it really wasn't worth it...

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We’ve always thought the Cadillac ELR was quite the looker in a striking sort of way, but the trouble is, proceedings go sharply downhill when you peer under its angular body.

There, as Doug DeMuro explains, you’ll find a powertrain lifted largely from the Chevrolet Volt. Which cost about half as much. Oh, and less practicality, and not much in the way of equipment.

It’s perhaps no surprise then, that the ELR has been hit with some pretty savage depreciation. Currently, you can snag an early car for under $30,000…