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How to Clean and Lubricate Trunk, Hood, or Hatch Struts

Video tutorial on how to clean and lubricate trunk, hatch, or hood struts. These struts can wear out over time and will eventually require a replacement. Replacements are required when the struts are no longer able to hold up the truck, hatch, or hood. Replacements are usually cheap. But you can prolong their life with a small amount of maintenance and even smoothen their operation. When my hatch is open for extended periods of time, the seals will squeak. There maybe dust in the seals or they’re a bit dry.

DeoxIT X10S Precision Lubricant https://caig.com/product/deoxit-x10s-x10s-25c/
Caig Laboratories Val-U series DDW-V611: https://caig.com/product/degreaser-wash-val-u-series-ddw-v611/
DeoxIT L260D grease https://caig.com/product/new-deoxit-l260dgp-plus-grease-l260-dg8/