This Right-Hand Drive F-150 Raptor Is A UK First... But Costs £108,000

While British roads are far too small for the F-150 Raptor to make sense, a specialist car dealer in London has developed a right-hand drive conversion anyway...
This Right-Hand Drive F-150 Raptor Is A UK First... But Costs £108,000

A UK car dealer has become the first in this country to offer a right-hand drive Ford F-150 Raptor, but you might want to sit down when you read the price (apologies to anyone who fell over after reading the headline).

While the Raptor isn’t officially imported to the UK with the steering wheel on the, ahem, correct side of the car, Clive Sutton of central London has developed a conversion kit to let UK buyers properly enjoy the fruits of the slightly bonkers F-150’s character.

Sutton Bespoke took precise mouldings of the interior components, then used “a blend of traditional and modern techniques” to mirror the dashboard and steering assembly. Speaking of the steering rack, the standard part has apparently been replaced with a better version, although the dealer doesn’t explain exactly how it’s improved.

This Right-Hand Drive F-150 Raptor Is A UK First... But Costs £108,000

The Sync 3 infotainment system has been reprogrammed to European radio frequencies and has full European mapping for the navigation. You still get the beefier dampers and the same twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6, joined to a 10-speed automatic for almost as many shifts per minute as revs per minute.

Now then: the price. If you walk into the showroom and ask for a brand new right-hand drive F-150 Raptor, Clive Sutton sales personnel will ask you for £106,800. If you’re a business buyer, it’s £89,000 plus VAT. We’re feeling a little queasy.

Interestingly, this exact car in the pictures is listed on Auto Trader for £107,940, which takes into account the optional extras fitted.

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On the other hand, to convert an existing current-generation left-hand drive Raptor it’s ‘approximately’ £32,000 plus VAT, which is £38,400 to private buyers. Add that to a typical price in the classifieds and it’s actually cheaper to buy a new one…

For comparison, the Raptor sells in the USA for something like $51,400. A straight Google currency switch puts that at about £36,500. It’d almost be cheaper to fly to the US, ship one back and then add the conversion. Maybe.


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