Tesla Model Y Loses Steering While Driving, Owner Then Sent Bill For Fixing It

Having gone through the ordeal of his Model Y’s steering wheel falling off, an owner was then charged $104 to have it fixed, before the service centre backtracked

New Jersey Legislators Want To Put An End To In-Car Subscriptions

Legislators from New Jersey are going to war with carmakers to ban in-car subscriptions for pre-installed hardware.

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Tesla Owner Loses 80 Miles Of Range Over-The-Air And Gets A $4500 Bill

Tesla has come under fire for decreasing the range of an owner’s car remotely and demanding $4500 to unlock the higher range, but it has since backtracked

Tesla Accused Of Painting Over Structural Cracks On A Model 3

The cracks would have prevented the car from being roadworthy under German safety laws

872bhp Polestar 5 Shows Off Tesla Beating Potential At Goodwood

When it arrives in 2024 the Polestar 5 will be an 872bhp cat amongst the pigeons

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A Reddit video has surfaced of a pickup truck driver unplugging a Tesla while its owner was sleeping in the backseat

Tesla’s First 24-Hour Diner And Supercharger Is Coming To California

Featuring a range of bars, charging stations and two giant cinema screens

Tesla Suffers Another Setback, Recalls 130,000 Cars Over Infotainment Issue

The software issue has impacted Tesla’s Model S, 3, X and Y from 2021 and 2022

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We may finally be seeing some of Tesla’s highly anticipated EVs hit the road