Tom Hanks Just Sold His Polski Fiat 126p For $83,500

The Hollywood movie star sold the customised Polish car as part of a charity auction

The 'Pandamonium' Is Part Fiat Panda, Part Fiesta Rally Car

M-Sport has squeezed the body of an old Fiat Panda over the running gear of a Fiesta R5 rally car

This Poor BMW 8 Series Sports Fiat Barchetta Headlights

We’re not sure of the thought process behind this build, which sees a new Fiat-y front end and 3 Series tail-lights grafted on to a classic 8 Series

What’s The Deal With This Mad Fiat 500 Trike?

This Fiat 500 has two rear wheels mounted in the middle of the axle rather than one at each end, and here’s why...

This Hayabusa V8-Engined Fiat 500's Dyno Run Is Fantastically Violent

The Fiat 500 silhouette monster seen in this video features a V8 made from a couple of Suzuki Hyabusa engines, making for 300bhp and an 11,000rpm redline

Here’s How Awesome A Reborn Fiat 126 BEV Could Look

This cute and stylish little hatchback could make a striking direct competitor to the Honda e, but sadly it’s only a render – unless Fiat buys the design…

Hot Damn, Do We Want This Tastefully Modded Fiat Uno Turbo I.E

This beautifully boxy and lightly modified Uno Turbo is up for auction, and the want is strong

Buy This Ex-Ferrari Garage Fiat 238 Van Before We Do

This adorable Fiat van was once owned by Garage Francorchamps, a Belgian Ferrari dealership set up by a former F1 driver

The Fiat 500 Hatchback Has Been Reborn As A £27,000 EV

The hatchback version of the electric-only next-gen 500 has been revealed in fancy 'la Prima' trim

Behold: An Eight-Wheeled Fiat Built In Russia

Garage54 decided to give a Fiat Uno four wheels on each side for...reasons

New Jeep Wrangler Gets 1 Star Crash Test Rating, Fiat Panda Scores 0

It was a poor showing for FCA products in the latest round of Euro NCAP crash tests, with the ageing Panda scoring zero and the new Wrangler managing just one star

You Can't Help But Love A Fiat Cinquecento With A 1400cc Superbike Engine

This Cinquecento is powered by a high-revving inline-four from the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R

The Euro NCAP Zero-Star Fiat Punto Has Been Axed

It’s the end of the line for the Punto, which has been on sale for 13 years before being dishonourably discharged and shuffled into retirement

Sergio Marchionne, The Man Who Saved Fiat And Chrysler, Has Died

The man who completed two incredible turnarounds for Fiat, and later Chrysler, bringing both from the brink of collapse back into profit, has died following complications from surgery

Someone Cut The Roof Off This Fiat 500 And It’s Spectacularly Cute

Garage Italia has created this one-off 500 ‘Spiaggina’ to coincide with a new limited edition version of the car from Fiat itself