Toyota Is Putting J40 Land Cruiser Parts Back Into Production

The J40-era Land Cruiser is the latest Toyota to benefit from the GR Heritage Parts programme

Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 WRC Car Arrives With Massive Side Scoops

Toyota has revealed its World Rally Championship contender for 2022 onwards, built for the sport's new hybrid era

World's Maddest 'Audi R8' Has A 750bhp C5 RS6 V8 And No Face

Combining R8(ish) looks with a 750bhp twin-turbo C5 RS6 engine, this bonkers hill climb car is a joy to watch

One-Off Nissan Z Gets Downsized Grille At Toyko Auto Salon

Nissan has given this particular Z a very different grille treatment, plus some other nods to Zs of the past

What 6 Months With A Mid-Sized SUV Taught Me

After six months and 12,000 miles behind the wheel of a Mazda CX-5, I'm pleased to report it's not all bad news

The 1073bhp Subaru STI E-RA Is An Electric Racer Aiming For A Nurburgring Glory

Subaru aims to set a 6min 40sec Nurburgring lap time with its quad-motor STI E-RA, and it might have a racing future too

The Toyota GR GT3 Concept Is Here And There's Going To Be A Road Version

Toyota has revealed a stunning new GT3 concept car at the Tokyo Auto Salon and pretty much confirmed a road-going version

The New Toyota GRMN Yaris Is A Hardcore Two-Seater Hot Hatch

Toyota's GRMN badge is back for a more hardcore version of the GR Yaris, featuring various weight reduction measures and a spruced up chassis

Big Grilles Fail To Dent BMW M Popularity As Division Posts Record Annual Sales (Again)

BMW's M Division posted yet another rear of record sales, with BMW Group as a whole becoming the biggest-selling premium brand worldwide

The Toyota GR Supra Reportedly Has An Official Manual Option On The Way

Rumour has it the Toyota GR Supra's configurator is about to gain a manual gearbox option

The New Noble M500 Has A Turbo V6 And A Sensible(ish) Power Output

Noble has launched a new supercar based on the M600, which switches the Volvo V8 for a Ford-sourced V6

Porsche Taycan CT Breaks 'Greatest Altitude Change' Record

A Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo has scooped an award for the ‘greatest altitude change’ ever achieved by an electric car, in a 33-hour trip that began at the bottom of a mine

A Gen 2 Audi R8 Manual Conversion Is Here

Underground Racing is offering to give second-generation R8s a third pedal, but only for customers buying a twin-turbo conversion

This Mitsuoka Orochi Has A Liberty Walk Widebody Kit And We Don't Mind At All

A lighting company has liveried up a Liberty Walk widebody-converted Mitsuoka Orochi for the Tokyo Auto Salon