Texas Police Seize 1080bhp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, Turn It Into Cop Car

The 1080bhp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was confiscated from a street racer and will now serve the Texas Police force

Four-Mile Toyota GR86 Has A 2JZ Engine Under The Hood

The GR86’s owner swapped out the original four-pot for a 2JZ after just four miles of driving

This Modified BMW 1 Series Is The Fastest Diesel ‘Bimmer Ever

This BMW 118d has officially broken the record for the quickest diesel BMW in history

The Citroen Oli Suggests The Future Is Made Of Cardboard

Citroen has showcased the Oli, a rolling concept which is made of cardboard and suggests ‘less is more’

Tesla Cybertruck Able To “Serve Briefly As A Boat”, Says Elon Musk

In a tweet on Thursday, the Tesla boss said the Cybertruck will be waterproof. Sure, Elon

McLaren P1 Destroyed By Hurricane Ian One Week After Owner Bought It

The yellow McLaren P1 was destroyed by flooding caused by the hurricane, along with a Rolls-Royce Phantom

The Smit Oletha Can Now Be Yours With The E46 M3’s Straight Six

Smit Vehicle Engineering has given an old Z4 coupe a new Z8-like body and either E46 or E92 M3 power

Anger Issues And An Animated Fox On The Dashboard: Meet The 422bhp Smart #1 Brabus

Brabus has turned its hand to Smart’s new electric crossover, with incredible straight-line results

Would You Buy This Cut-Price VeilSide Honda NSX?

This 1991 Honda NSX bears a Fast & Furious-style body kit and Ferrari taillights, but it could be available for a reasonable price

Is There Anything To Like About The BMW XM?

BMW M’s first exclusive model since the M1 supercar is a 2.7-tonne plug-in hybrid SUV with looks only a mother could love

Ford Focus ST Track Pack Aims At The Civic Type R With Adjustable Suspension And Bigger Brakes

Ford has released a factory-fit optional Track Pack with upgrades to the standard Focus ST

Last Ever Lamborghini Aventador Rolls Off Production Line (For Real This Time)

As the final Aventador leaves the Lamborghini assembly line, we reflect on the iconic hypercar’s 11-year lifespan

New BMW M2 Leaks: It Sure Looks Mean, But Does It Look Good?

The new BMW M2 has arrived before its October reveal, and will be the last non-electrified M car

Awkward: Ford Having To Debadge Cars As It Runs Out Of Its Own Badges

The American car maker can’t get its hands on enough Blue Oval logos, bringing a halt to deliveries

Dodge Challenger Black Ghost Unveiled As ‘Last Call’ Homage To A Detroit Hero

Dodge has unveiled the Challenger ‘Black Ghost’ as part of its ‘Last Call’ final run of Challenger models