What's New

4.1 - June 3rd 2016

  • The post creator/editor has a shiny new design! Content types are now a thing of the past, and you can now move blocks to any position rather than just up or down.

4.0.1 - May 24th 2016

  • A month on from our new redesign, we’re still working hard to fix bugs you’ve mentioned & new features you’ve suggested, so thank you for those 😄
  • We’ve added a page where you can change your email address, which you can find from your Account page. This will send an email to the new email address in order to verify that you own the new email account, and clicking the link in that email will update your profile. Hurrah!
  • Yeaah! Fist bump! Balalala!

4.0 - April 28th 2016

  • A huge redesign to the whole site that brings communities front and centre.
  • We’ve launched a ton of new owners club forums
  • You can now @mention other users in comments.

3.2.13 - March 30th 2016

3.2.12 - March 29th 2016

  • When creating a new post, you can now save drafts, preview them and publish them at a later date!

3.2.11 - March 18th 2016

  • The post creation process has been overhauled and linked with the post editor. You now have to choose a community as the first step in the process. Check it out here.

3.2.10 - February 24th 2016

  • Feeds are now generated with Elasticsearch instead of MySQL/Redis. You can now scroll down a feed to infinity (and beyond).

3.2.9 - February 8th 2016

3.2.8 - January 22nd 2016

  • "Top" sort order on feeds now has options for top posts today, this week, this month, this year, and all-time.

3.2.7 - January 8th 2016

  • Added a search input to the main website header. Desktop users can filter and modify searches on the results page.

3.2.6 - December 21st 2015

3.2.5 - December 12th 2015

3.2.4 - December 10th 2015

  • Frequently-used hashtags and phrases will show up in the feed sidebar (desktop website), above the main feeds (mobile website), in the "discover" page (Android app)
  • All users can now edit their name without the restriction of other people using the same name

3.2.3 - December 1st 2015

  • Hashtags inside post titles, text content blocks, and comments will automagically become links. Click the links to find posts that contain the hashtag. This is the first step for integrating search results on the website, woop! The hashtag links are not available in the app yet.

3.2.2 - November 27th 2015

  • Added a feed page to browse the latest posts by any manufacturer. Try it out here!

3.2.1 - November 12th 2015

  • Updated the post editor to add the ability to create new posts. Try it out here!

3.2 - November 5th 2015

  • Added the ability to follow other users
  • Redesigned the profile page and user tooltips to include following/followers
  • Added a brand new onboarding process
  • "Who to follow" page and widgets across the site
  • For more info have a look at this post

3.1.6 - October 27th 2015

  • Added a "Remind me" button on posts so you can be reminded of a post a couple of hours later. For more information on this feature check out this post!
  • There’s now an edit button on all your posts, not just your garage posts!

3.1.5 - October 20th 2015

  • Updated design for username / avatar module across the site, particularly the "role icons"
  • Updated design for feed sorting options

3.1.4 - October 18th 2015

3.1.3 - October 13th 2015

  • The ability to edit garage cars has returned. Head to your account/garage tab here to use it. This is the first stage of our new post editor rolling out.

3.1.2 - September 30th 2015

  • You’ll now be notified when users (who are signed-in) upvote your posts. You can change this behaviour in your account preferences.

3.1.1 - September 15th 2015

  • Introduced "Editor’s pick" posts into personal feeds. This allows editors to share posts to everyone on CT, regardless of their subscriptions.
  • Increased the image upload filesize limit to 7.0MB.
  • Change the ratio of article "feature" images to match Facebook.

3.1 - September 9th 2015

  • API is now version-controlled.
  • The default feed is now "My Feed". Logged-out users see all posts / hot, but labelled as "My Feed".
  • Links to "All Posts" and "Editorial" have been de-prioritized in the UI (the links are smaller, to promote usage of the personalised feed).
  • External link widget: links will open in a new tab, unless there is an embed code in which case it opens the post.

3.0.3 - September 8th 2015

Truncated cards can now be expanded and viewed inline rather than having to open up the post.

3.0.2 - September 3rd 2015

Users that are banned by a moderator will now recieve a notification and email.

3.0.1 - August 27th 2015

Significant updates to performance and stability of the new platform

3.0 - August 18th 2015

Launch of project Senna, our next-generation API and website platform, built with Node.js!

  • Activity feeds have been removed from user profiles
  • The Garage is now a regular community, cars are now posts. Upvotes on Garage cars count towards score
  • Brand new notifications system, authentication system
  • Significant improvements to backend performance
  • Significant improvements to website load time

2.2.1 - July 9th 2015

Updates to the moderation area. Posts that are auto-hidden by community reporting are now shown.

2.2 - July 2nd 2015

Added a formatted text-box field to the post creator. Users can now create much longer posts!

2.1.3 - July 1st 2015

Added a card further down on feeds which suggests other communities to browse.

2.1.2 - June 25th 2015

Users who are partners or brands now have a link to their profile underneath their posts in feeds.

2.1.1 - June 29th 2015

Posts with extra content display more content in the "card" in feeds. Excludes article posts.

2.1 - June 18th 2015

If you visit a post page directly (not via a feed or link on the site) it will no longer open in a popover, it will be full-width. The main homepage feed will load-in beneath the article, if you scroll to it.

2.0.1 - May 22nd 2015

Notifications about new comments on your posts now collapse into a single notification.

2.0 - Smells Like Community Spirit - March 2nd 2015

Welcome to the live unveiling of Car Throttle v2.0! The covers are now off, so allow me to walk you around this incredible product. Under the hood we’ve made a whole host of upgrades including the introduction of Communities. You can now create a personalised feed by joining communities and interact based on your niche automotive interest. This change will allow us to accelerate from 0 to 100 real quick! On the outside, we’ve applied some spit and polished up the site to aid with user experience. There are more infinite feeds, some ‘more real’ realtime notifications, better navigation and a light dusting of carbonfibre (aka Javascript) to make our site that little bit faster. Behind the wheel we’ve got the same Editorial team providing you with the stories you’ve come to love. To the Nurburgring!

1.7 - We Belong Together - December 9th 2014

Here at Car Throttle, we’re so in touch with our users that we know what they’re thinking before they’ve even created a Discuss post about it. Sounds like a violation, amirite? You’d be wrong. See, we knew you wanted to see the same editorial posts you love on the homepage but in the Discuss feed. So we went ahead and synced up the two pages. Now you can browse user memes, images, links and content written by our talented editorial team. Fast load times, unified comment threads and perfect both on desktop and mobile… what’s not to love?

1.6.1 - Tipsy - November 12th 2014

"One, here comes the two, to the three, to the four. Car Throttle’s product team wanna give you more!" - Unknown

I lied. Unknown is actually me. I’ll stop rapping now. Do you ever stay awake at night thinking, I wish I could learn more about my fellow car community brethren? Introducing tooltips! Phase 2 of our flashy profile page launch is now here; simply hover over a user’s name in comments and on Discuss to reveal scores, locations and bios. I know, how social of us! We’ve also added infinite scroll to the Discuss page so you can browse content forever. Goodbye productivity…

1.6 - Keepin’ A Low Profile - October 29th 2014

No one likes a show-off. But everyone likes a person who shows off their sexy Car Throttle profile! And because of that, we decided to give profiles a little autumnal clean. Your score is now publicly viewable (so you better start pumpin’ up those numbers) and your content now takes pride of place on the page. There are a host of small updates too: say hello to CT’s Status page so your stress levels remain at absolute zero in the totally unlikely event of an outage. There’s comment pagination so threads load quicker, and we’ve added GIFloader to GIFs sitewide. We got yo’ back, mobile data!

1.5 - Points Of Authority - October 8th 2014

Do you ever get back home at the end of a long day and just think… what’s the point? No, not like that, I mean what’s the little point in the top right-hand corner of your screen? Introducing scores, linked to Discuss posts, which track how many upboats you receive on your content! It’s basically our way of separating out the cool kids from the wannabes, the Eminems from the M&Ms. You get the point. See what I did there. I’ll grab my coat.

1.4.1 - You Know Whatsapp - September 8th 2014

Wassup. No, I mean, Whatsapp! That’s right, your mobile experience just got that little bit more social. Instead of sharing posts with your uninterested Facebook friend(s), you can now disseminate Discuss posts via the world’s largest mobile messaging service! (which is also owned by Facebook. Dammit Zuckerberg.) Other minor changes include adding a feedback form (because we like you really), auto-rotation of pictures uploaded on mobile, a redesigned Discuss navigation, in-stream native ads and George trying to push all these changes live. Apparently this coding lark is quite hard…

1.4 - (Discuss Inferno) Burn Baby Burn - September 2nd 2014

Team CT have brought the fire to your screens. Not only can you now consume content from our world-class editorial team, but we’ve opened up the platform to allow you, yes you, to post anything* you want! We’re calling it Discuss (not to be confused with the comments platform or the disc-throwing sport) and it’s been built MOBILE FIRST so you can use it on the train and in the toilet. Great success! Memes, videos, questions are all welcome. We’ve introduced post voting, mod tools, a hot algorithm to determine the best posts and a host of other small tweaks. Memes section has now been rolled up into Discuss. That’s it for now, and remember, the power is in your hands!

*Anything does not include Jennifer Lawrence nudes, 419 scams, muscle car hate and genital enlargement adverts. Kthxbye.

1.3 - The Real Time Shady - July 24th 2014

Houston, we are now entering Stage 2! That’s right, gone are the fake notifications we tricked you with before (just kidding… kinda) and in its wake lies real realtime notifications! So when someone replies to your comment, your meme or your car, you’ll see a numbered alert in the navigation AND you’ll receive a spiffy email from a robot that sits under our desks. There’s a new Preferences tab in your Account Settings too so you can manage these emails (seriously though, don’t turn them off or the world will implode) and we’ve also made some more bug fixes including comment counts on Shows pages and we’ve fixed multiple links in comments. Stage 3, you’re up next!

1.2 - I Can’t Get No… ti-fi-cation! - July 9th 2014

Have you ever wondered how popular you really are? Want to know how many Muscle fanboys are tearing your pride-and-joy Civic limb from limb in the Garage? Well now you can! Introducing Notifications (well, Stage 1 to be precise). Once logged in, just hit the bell to the right of the navigation bar. You’ll be able to see your five most recent replies to content you’ve uploaded and to comments you’ve left. Hit "View All" and you’ll be taken to a magical page, built by our developer elf, which will show you a lifetime’s worth of people showing you love. We’ve also redesigned topic pages to give you some more snazzy stats and, by popular demand, have introduced a "Wallpapers" content block so you can download those high-res images straight to your Nokia 3310!

1.1.1 - Drop It Like It’s Hot - June 13th 2014

Representin’ all our superficial users! We just poured some tabasco onto our Garage and made it that much hotter. Now you can browse hottest cars by specified date ranges and boast to your friend(s) about how the internet loves you and your sweet ride. We also fixed some gnarly bugs in the CMS with sticky, featured posts, placement of top memes, image galleries on articles, lazy loading, AJAX loads and activity feeds.

1.1 - Pure Garage 2K14 - June 6th 2014

Call us the Ministry of Sound, because we just dropped Pure Garage! Okay, DJ Luck & MC Neat we ain’t, but we revamped the Garage with a hot new interface, better sticky voting buttons (so all you judgemental petrolheads can voice your disgust at some of those inferior cars people are uploading), multiple image uploads for users and much better error handling. Not that any errors are likely to occur, of course. #datconfidence #overconfident #ohnonoohnonohesconfident

1.0.2 - Fix Up Look Sharp - May 29th 2014

Yet more bugs we be squashing and improvements we be a-buildin’. Thumbnail resolution improvements for mobile, polls tweaking, CMS text blocks bug, add custom URL to images, fix meme score, next arrow optimization, spell check in Markdown editor, added activity feed detail, up-to-date comment count in Garage, pagination to profile Garage. Got all that? And we decided to be kind to Internet Explorer 8 users (don’t hurt us, please) with some fixes. But really, people using Internet Explorer shouldn’t be allowed to live, breathe or breed.

1.0.1 - Fix You - May 21th 2014

So many fixes. Facebook registrations, website field processing in user account settings, tweaks on the memes page (so you can LOL that much harder), sidebar resizing bugs… phew. We basically took a spanner to the platform and tightened up all the loose bolts (cracking analogy if I may say so myself).

1.0 - Wassup - May 20th 2014

This is it, hello Mum, hello doge, HELLO WORLD! Version 1.0 of the new Car Throttle platform is now live. Introducing (extremely sexual) user profiles, improved memes, responsive articles, the Garage, and much more. And on the backend (giggle), a brand spanking new content management system (or ‘CMS’ in techy speak). We basically tore up the rulebook and released Phase 1 of our plan for global domination. Muahahaha… okay not quite, but it’s a start. And boy have we got some cool stuff in the pipeline.

0.9 - Goodbye My Lover - May 19th 2014

The end of an emotional three years with Wordpress. Goodbye plugins, goodbye Disqus, goodbye stability… hello sleepless nights!