YYC Lowcals (David Wozniak)

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Jdm vehicle enthusiasts! Please check out our YouTube where we work on and enjoy our cars! Youtube.com/yyclowcals


Calgary, Alberta, Canada


29th December 2015

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Parker Frenzel

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I like classic muscle cars and real japanese tuners (no civics or miatas). I'm a not proud owner of a 1998 Honda Civic EX


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Brandon Wambolt

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2001 Lexus GS300 2JZ ;).

Bjørnar Østbø

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Chris Dimattia

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Max Tonkinson

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Cars, cars and more cars old or new

Terry Krueger

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EJ6 Hatchback

Jared Steinbach

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I know virtually every car ever made and I am a hopefully future Racecar Driver Ford, Mustang, and manual guy, but I generally like all makes and model's and builds.

Jared Parker

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This is my second CT account, after my old one got banned. My name is Chris. I make YouTube videos and sometimes write automotive content. I am a 8th grade 12 year old who loves cars.

Christopher Decosta

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19 UK BMW E46 325i Msport

Owen Vowles

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All pictures are mine unless stated otherwise.

Travis Rose

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Liam Roberts

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Bo Montoya

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♂ 24

Callum Head

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Dream Car Nissan R34 GT-R - #TeamLH44 #LH44 Also a YouTuber I do racing games now which is my 2016 aim now Channel - Raging Gaming

Martin Loh

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A fellow Petrolhead like everyone👍

James papworth

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