YYC Lowcals (David Wozniak)

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Jdm vehicle enthusiasts! Please check out our YouTube where we work on and enjoy our cars! Youtube.com/yyclowcals


Calgary, Alberta, Canada


29th December 2015

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Christian Vogt

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German petrolhead and massive Supra fanatic. Also in love with japanese cars in general. Proud owner of a Lexus IS200 and a Volkswagen Polo 6n 1.6L and it's my lifegoal to own a Toyota Supra MkIV

jeremy raval

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im just an avreage car guy i like all cars but i prefer imports,ig car_enthuzust_for_life

Nelson Gel

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Sıla Çelikzade

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Petrolhead for life ❗️Muscle & exotic car enthusiast.

Subaru Impreza

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Manuel Sarmento Sousa

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Jdm and supercars enthusiast!


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Will have a crisis if shown a picture of a McLaren P1

Logan Harris (JDM Squad)(Fiero Squad)

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Owner of a 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT Dream car is a Nissan Skyline r-32 GT-R I post a lot of car art (most of it will be Japanese) Add me on insta @loganharris261


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I'm guy who is hella into cars, specifically Mopars!!!


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IG @minifitze sc @ fitze1.5

Mike Ratcliff

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Just a guy getting back into cars. TRD/NISMO <3

Justus Lähtevänoja

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Petrolhead. Love cars for life. 🔰 Toyota corolla t-sport 2zz-ge e12

Jonathan Gardner

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I am a Toyota fanatic, owning a Supra and a Corolla... Small time YouTube working channel....

Mahendra M

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Current engineering student. No car at the moment, as much as i wished i had one, student life can be tough. Dream car: Silvia S15 *I do not own any of the content posted unless otherwise stated.


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Veinthen raj(Supra Squad)

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i love cars Lot!!! and im a SUPRA FANATIC and JDM FOR LIFE 🔰🎌🎌🎌✌

Lwi Edwards

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Jose Hernandez

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26 year old mechanic Love cars (especially Japanese cars)

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