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6th November 2014

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Levon Babayans

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Classical musician but still a car enthusiast. Hondas have a special place in my heart but still eager to try and drive all kinds of cars from this universe.


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Just got my drivers licence

Bailey Nordin

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Nikola Mikulčić

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From Zagreb, Croatia but now a mehanical engineering student in Maribor and a huge car lover, plus I work on a Formula Student project! :) Oh yeah I am GT-R fanboy but one with a little brain! :)

Jere V.

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Hi,everyone.Huge petrolhead from Croatia.Love every car.Without driving licensce because 14 :(.Go-kart addict.

Tihomir Sakač

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Since I remeber always into cars. Went to Colleague and studied Motor Vehicle Maintenance, and now I am a Engineer for Motor vehicle Maintenance.

Majid Shawa

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