Tiberius Florea (Romanian Squad)

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A simple guy from Romania that loves JDM balanced cars.




9th April 2016

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Bence Matuz

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Passionate petrolhead with universal love for cars, and a preference of Euro, especially German. Mercedes CL600 owner. Keen driver and car spotter. Follow for original content! :)

Guido Mirabel (Isuzu Squad)

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Petrolhead since 1995. JDM, Euro, American and Aussie. I love them all. San Lorenzo and FC Bayern München fan. PSN: GuidoM1995 on PS3 and PS4.


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Darius Antonia

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Instagram: Jaime_sthirteen


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Hi, I am car guy from Asia. And I am semi hiatus. Oh, and I love drawing vehicles, by the way. Anyways bye #SaveCT


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I'm a car guy from Italy who likes all kinds of cars, doesn't matter whether they're American, European or Japanese. I also like playing racing games like TDU1 or NFS: MW.

Yu Tha Kra

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I do YouTube Stuff

3 Wheels Is Enough (MadJoeMak)(ReliantRobin)(e46)

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20, two cars, I like underrated cars, especially wagons and classic cars Tag me in Reliant and e46 posts!! Owner of: 1997 Reliant Robin SLX, 1998 BMW 318i e46

R32 GTR Freak (Romanian Squad)

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SKYLINE R32 lover, Astra G Cabrio project car owner, fanboy of anything related to Rally or JDM culture. "Dreams are built with trial and error"


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Just a car enthusiast!


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Jack the Car Guy

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-Amateur Carspotter - The 6IX Life - Memes

RyanDoes™ (Cheesey car) (#planethrottlerevolution) (Military Boi) (Floppy Dab Gang) (Rotary Fighter)

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Am 12, like Japanese and American and European cars in particular, Childhood consisted of cars and fast and furious, am tech savvy, disabled, life achievement was sitting in the toilet for 30 mins...

Moises manuel

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turned 15 last December. WWIII y'all👌🏎🎌

🇵🇷 Bryson Williams (Bryson2jz) [AOT] (THE REAL SPEEDY BLACK MAN)

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I Like/appreciate Cars from All Regions but prefer JDM, I Like Dark Rainy Days, Eurobeat is Life, Top favorite cars: Sileightys, Supra MK4, Rx7 FD, HR32, Evo 3, 7-9, 2004 Integra R DC5, NSX NA1


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Car Gamer, Sorta Funny, Youtuber || Creator of the NFS 2017 "LET'S BUILD" Project || x2 Featured on Ubisoft's "THE CREW" Community Page ||Click the globe to access my channel.

Myrmeko (#CTSquad)

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I like cars, photography and video games. My favourite car is Eclipse 2G GSX. This was the best community i've been part of. Finally got a car.

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