how do i delete my account

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please tell me how to delete this account i dont wanna be known on here this site is full of cancerous 12 year olds


29th April 2016

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High school student Mercedes Benz enthusiaist

Mᴀxs02 ᚱᛆᛁᛌᛆ᛫ᛁᚭᚢᚱ᛫ᚽᚭᚱᚿᛌ

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Good Mornin' I'm a 15 years young metalhead and carguy (obviously) and from the Land of Autobahn and Green Hell. 2017 I left my heart in Stuttgart... Wanting a classic car so bad.


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I don't play golf, I drive a Golf! Hobby craftsman, professional medical worker.

German Car Guy

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Germany | FFM |16' |Audi

Sarove (Crown Vic)

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17. Owner of a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria. The man behind the Instagram pages @vicsofinsta and @carglomeration.


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Farewell CT. Thanks for everything.

Rodney Gunduza

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I love cars


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just your average jeep boi 1998 Jeep Zj -RIP S10

Foolishness (TOYOTA 86 FANBOY)

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I have an addiction.... to Porsches. Also a Toyota 86 and Mazda RX7 lover. Steam: What a Fool

Darude Her Right In The Sandstorm™

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The Noble M400 and MR2 obsessor. Hoping to snag a nice MR2 or Fiero, I can go either way really.

Al from Safeway (aLeLiBiV)

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Est. November 30th, 2016 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Max Schröder

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Hobby-photographer from Germany, driving an Mk4 Golf. Attending film school to get better at using a camera.

jard Elias Dalaker

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i am 14 years old and come from Norway. own 2 Cars😂 most for fixing put i will admit i have tested Them a few times😂😉


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Special Vehicle Team Engineer


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Hi, I'm Jeroen. Traveling around the world for the most exclusive cars and share this with other petrolheads. Check out my Youtube channel for some epic content!

mehmet 1923

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Scoobyroo (Subie fanatic) (Scooby gang)

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Subaru fan, especially ones with a loud rumbly boxerino. If you see anything on ct to do with subies, tag me. 12 years old with friends who hate it when I talk about cars. Also an Aussie.

Jeremy Tchouf Merires

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Car Drift / Motorcycle Drift / Stunt Riding

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