how do i delete my account

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please tell me how to delete this account i dont wanna be known on here this site is full of cancerous 12 year olds


29th April 2016

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Me Stillme

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Kathy Rodrigue

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rip ct


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A car guy

Yomiko Onkerz

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Syria-chan [Green Van Squad leader]

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I like JDM and Twingos. Saabs and anime too! I listen to eurobeat and rock music and I'm currently saving up for my first car, a K11 Micra.

Garrett’s Garage

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I love working on anything in the garage check out my YouTube channel 👍🏻

Aaron Bundhun

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I can drive a Manuel and I'm 13, I love cars and bikes. Also looking forward to be a racer.

Soni Redx (MD Squad Leader) (Subie Squad Leader)

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15Yr old Male, loves Subarus, Saabs, JDM cars, and many more. Pretty chill person. Dream car is any car that I like. Love cheap cars to build up. Been a car person since I was born. 1year of CT!!

Smashing Cake

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Just a random dude on the internet with an obsession for older European and Japanese cars! [I'm not really active as the staff doesn't care about the site anymore]

Zonda Man (Full Send Squad)

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I'm a 17 year old car guy from Toronto who races go karts, dirt bikes, jetskis, and makes music. Dont matter if its water dirt or tarmac I'll still send it.


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🅱️lebby🅱️c🅱️le🅱️face VEVO

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Probaby been mobbed by some little kids Roblox clan because my sense of humour offends him. Edgy humor for W O K E bois garunteed no children allowed (also mob mentality is toxic)

Darkness Wolf

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I drive Mercedes s-class

Mohanad Rabea

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