Tom Dublin

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4th January 2016

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Joseph (Prelude Squad)

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Hello, I’m Joe. I work as an apprentice journeyman maintenance mechanic for a small metal fabricating company. My prelude still doesn’t run, and it needs a lot more work.


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Gentleman with refined taste. Toyota and Renault are my favourite brands.


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I own a Renault Clio Mr2 Pre-facelift I have been on this Community 3 months my header Is my goal for my car.


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I am a carmechanic. I like to modify my car to my own taste. And i like freestyle bmxing.

Rodri Garcia

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21 Years old. Spanish car enthusiast

Hikaru Liight 🌐

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Just a small Youtuber and big car enthusiast that wants to follow as many CTzens as possible. I also just wanna spread some good vibes :D Youtube: ItsLiiGHTz /Instagram: @car_tribe

Kymani Richards

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I am 14 unfortunatly i'm not able to drive as yet but my dream car is a infinity g35


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I Changed Phone a while a go and forgot password..because ofcourse i did. Well nowadays I own an Opel Calibra 2.0i -97 and an Opel Vectra OPC tuned to 337hp. -06

Arindom Mazumder Surjo

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I am Surjo. A 20 year old petrolhead.Interested in cars a lot since childhood.A big Hotwheels Collector.Big fan of Fast and Furious.And in the end a CTzen! Which i am proud to be!

Billy De La Cruz

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im just a muscle car guy

Jimmy Sage

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2010 Mazdaspeed 3, modified, pushing 350 horsepower

William Matthews

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It's about the spirit of the drive and the thrill of the adventure. Every misfortune is a great story yet to be told.

Borna Nemec

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24 year old bloke from Zagreb with a passion for cars. -Ako ne možemo drugačije onda ćemo pošteno-


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automatic+convertible+gasoline= perfection

Tom Arnold

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I'm all about the smiles per gallon, not miles per gallon

Danger Doyle

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2002 Panasonic Celica Audio Complete Up Next: 2ZZ-GE C60 ECU More power baby


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The Nissan GTR is my car and I have been saving up since I was 10

Ammar Rafaqat

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A normal petrol head from Canada! Instagram:

Jack Gillick

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2005 Subaru Legacy Wagon - 2002 BMW 330Ci Arizona State University

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