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Graphic designer. 19 years old and yes.. i'm a car guy :) Daily cars: 2016 Seat Leon Cupra 280 2003 Honda Civic Type-R ep3


Finland, Vantaa


31st December 2015

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beamer streamer

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I will Post mostly of BMW Mercedes and that kind


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<insert generic car guy joke here>

cocochubu t

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I love cars and photographing them. I drive an 07 V6 Mustang

Olsen de Jesus

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Hi, CTzens! I am a 17-year-old Filipino boy who has been drawing cars since 2012.

KPS Lucky - Inactive

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NASCAR addict and car enthusiast. Find me on Twitter.


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FinnishCarGuy (Your friendly JDM fan)

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I like cars, especially JDM cars :P Dream cars: Well..there are so many so i won't list them :P

Tonyzeaudisd (E60 Lover)

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A 13yo E60 and K'egg lover

Patrik Pelkonen

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Just a 19 years old car guy from Finland. I love mainly japanese cars and murica cars.

Henri Heinonen

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All about cars bikes and all things mechanical


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Automotive engineering student and BMW enthusiast from Finland, proud owner of a BMW Z3 1.9, -96

Kegan Strydom

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Firebird owner

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As I lay rubber down the street, I pray for traction I can keep, but if I spin and begin to slide, please dear god protect my ride.


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JDM Fan Zimmerer


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Vi Car

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i drive a motorcycle race around the world and if you think im old im 12 years old

Tiago Gomes

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Honda CRX VTI Del Sol


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i am not tipsy nor timothy

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