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Cool cars have Turbos, the rest sucks ;) Saab 9-5 <3 08.15 <3




9th May 2016

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20 years old german car enthusiast, owning an MX-5! Dreaming of an RX-7 FB project in the near future.

MikeTheMiata (MiataSquad) (MarinerSquad)

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Racer of karts, driver of cars, creator of memes, owner of Miatas, watcher of The Office, player of ultimate Frisbee, listener of music. That pretty much sums it up :)

Iketani Koichiro

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“I almost don't even care who wins or loses just as long as the fights a good one.” - Koichiro Iketani

Vincent Tijhoff

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Dutch car-guy with a Saab 9000 CS

GoAussieXR6 (FaithZ)

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Can't drive or afford a car...........yet "It's not a question of can or can't. There's some things in life you just do." -Claire "Lightning" Farron

Aaron (car enthusiast squad)

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•I like all cars •I'm a go karter •subies and bmws are 👌

D.K(Drew Kelly)

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- Proud owner of a 991 GT3 cup. - Proud owner of a series Hyper Blue Subaru WRX STI


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saab is lobe, saab is life Volvo v80 Mitsu Evo

Tracey Messina

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I love cars and bikes, sadly only have a bike at the moment.... sucks to be a student