Ryan Padgham

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Starting to get pretty memey on this site, so that's pretty cool, I guess


7th November 2016

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Jack the Wolf (Furry Squad)

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13 year old petrolhead, i love Japanese cars, Muscle Cars, Exotic Cars but i respect others too. Massive Hot Wheels & NFS i listen to several genres of music everyday. Dream car: Lexus LFA

countachfan69 (anti-sex obsession squad)

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I like classics, turbochargers, and muscle. My dream car is a Countach.


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18. Love all kinds of cars and hope to succeed in the future...Work hard, Innovate, Succeed, Rave, Race, and do it all over again...#Riseup #wealth #thegoldeneraofautomotiveindustry #business

ThatMercFan🅱️oi (EDM ftw) (Likes Aventadors) (OO______SRT_OO) (Anti-Jeff cult) (ASOM)

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I’m just a 13 year old Mexican car guy who really likes Mercedes (obviously) and almost every car.


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I'm a JDM fanboy , my dream is r34 skyline I also have YOUTUBE channel that is called 'Boxysky'. So SUBSCRIBE if U want

Giovanni Di Blasi

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Chinwendu Imegwu

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widebody everything also love trucks very loyal American muscle car fan live in americca I'm 14 years old and the car in garage is a family build so don't hate😑😐

Michal 🌐

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My dream cars are the VW Golf MK2 GTi and BMW E30. I also like the VW Karmann Ghia. In general I like VW's. I'm currently at uni and saving up to get my license and get a 1.4l petrol Golf MK4.


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Warning: My posts may contain offensive humor or jokes that are not to be taken seriously, so if you can get easily offended please do not reply to my posts.


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The car life didn't choose me, I chose the car life...


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I like being alone, because it's what I prefer. Currently writing a story "The Maroon Rocket" I have no waifus (Don't even tell me to post something, I'm not coming back here ever again)


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JDM fanboy and Hert is drift daddy thank you for 700

RocketBunny Guy

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I love PCR (Pixel Car Racer)

Petrolhead159(LFASQUAD)(Upvote Warhead)(Group F50)

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I like cars, cars, cars and cars. My five favourites are the Lexus LFA, The Lamborghini Diablo SV, The Lamborghini Aventador ,The McLaren P1 and the Zonda R. Proud leader of the LFASQUAD

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