Subaru Impreza

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lmao k


29th September 2016

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honestly i don’t know why i’m still here


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I love cars, I take pictures and videos of cars.

ThatElementGuy (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

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Defender of Truth, Justice, Freedom, But mainly Elements Why Do I like Elements?: (links in this post)

Bence Matuz

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Passionate petrolhead with universal love for cars, and a preference of Euro, especially German. Mercedes CL600 owner. Keen driver and car spotter. Follow for original content! :)

Mustanglover06(boogityboogityboogity)(yourfriendlyneighborhoodV8poweredtalldude)(Mustang squad)(Muscle squad)(RIPryandoes)(V8 boi)(blueovalsquad)

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Just your friendly neighborhood 13 year old V8 powered nerd from the Indiana USA. I’m a muscle guy, but I respect all enthusiasts.

Deamonicus |Scale Modeller|

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Scale model builder, car enthousiast, love riding my bike


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Hiatus A Guy who likes Initial D so much that he makes video of them.

Lewis Kingston

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Award-winning journalist and road tester with a penchant for straight-six engines and forced induction. Once hit 141mph in a £500 Jaguar at Bruntingthorpe.

jdm-supra-1600(md squad)(Supra squad leader)

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I’m somewhat active

Turbo Amuse

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Hello there! I'm just a teen living in Finland and I drive a 1992 Honda Civic. I'm in love with 90s and early 2000s import culture. Top 2 dream cars: 1999 Honda Civic Si EM1 and Acura Integra GS-R DC2


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So I'm 16 yo. Here you will find memes more than any other thing. RESPECT WAMEN. I like cars. Fishes are not wet when they're in the water. Just sauce, raw sauce.


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I’m a photographer with a lowered 1st gen legacy wagon

Mike Eyles

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Motorsport fan, Sim Racing Team owner.


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Classic car lover, usually found taking pictures at car events and dreaming of a BMW 2002

YYC Lowcals (David Wozniak)

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Jdm vehicle enthusiasts! Please check out our YouTube where we work on and enjoy our cars!

Low Style Zero

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1990 FC3S GXL 1988 FC3S Turbo ii insta: Low_style_zero


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Motor Vehicle Maintenance student | The web link is my Discord server

Liam Mehlhopt

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Well about ME huh, I guess I'm like everyone else on Car Throttle, I live and Breathe anything automotive, hell, Id run on E85 if I could. I'm 16, and very lucky to have the knowledge and cars I have.

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