Matias Ilonen

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18-year-old car enthusiast from Finland & owner of Chrysler 300M


Virrat, Finland


22nd December 2015

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Joel Kulmala

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Hi, I'm a JDM car fan from Finland and I especially love Nissan and Toyota turbo cars from the 90's. I have had few different "hobby" cars but I'm mostly into my supra and bulding it :)

Arttu Niskala

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Automotive engineering student and BMW enthusiast from Finland, proud owner of a BMW Z3 1.9, -96

Pasi Mikkola

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I am a car enthusiast from Finland! I drive a singleturbo Toyota Supra and I take part in many other JDM projects with my friends. Incl. couple 1000whp Supras, Skylines, 200sxesand many other.


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I'm a german [HOONIGAN] driving a 2004 Chrysler Crossfire > I love my car, and you can't change it! > CarPhotography > Instagram: @dat.crossfire.guy

Ethan H

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Just a 20 year old kid from Indianapolis who loves everything cars. Proud owner of a Graphite Metallic Chrysler Crossfire SRT6.

Matt Robinson

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Writer of words, maker of tea, occasional taker of photos. Quite good at crashing mountain bikes.