Kai Häßlein

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Miata is alway the answer... and some Zafira...


20th November 2015

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Marcus Langston

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After years of waiting.. I’m finally part of the Miata Gang😝 Bought on April 20th👌 Follow me on here and on instagram to stay updated 👍😬 xxl3thalityxx

Roadster / Tail Red

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Not active here. Moved to Drivetribe. This account only exists to keep a legacy of my posts and the old CT alive. If a moderator of administrator decides to delete this I’m not gonna bring it back

Chinwendu Imegwu

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widebody everything also love trucks very loyal American muscle car fan live in americca I'm 14 years old and the car in garage is a family build so don't hate😑😐


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Hi I’m a 16 year old car freak from Belgium. I like Lotuses most. I play Assetto Corsa and Dirt 4 on my PS4. Please tag me in Lotus posts. Freedom is next to the brake.

Marco Andreozzi

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1993 Eunos Roadster(B-Spec) 1997 Miata(Rosy)

Florent Lacilla

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From Switzerland. I'm a apprentice mechanic. I work on Mazda, Nissan and Infiniti cars.

Zack Boyd

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Henry Bredin

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Henry 15 nz 91 Subaru omega Hyosung gt250r race bike

Frederick Be

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I'm a 17 year old pleb. JK but I'm just a kid that like cars and needs them in his life.

Davide Rossi

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Денис Латинов

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My name is Denis Latinov im born on 27/3/1999 in Sofia Bulgaria , i own : Mazda Miata NB , Opel Ascona B 400 replica and Opel Manta B *Winter Drift Project*


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I do car spotting and photography! 📷 Petrolhead & a JDM enthusiast from Finland. I drive a Honda Civic Type R EP3 & a Mazda MX5 NA.


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i am 12 and do not like the gtr honda fanatic honda s2000 dream car cant wait to drive

Range Rover (CTthegame tester)

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Not an official profile of Land Rover


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AmilBRZ 🌐

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Blue Car Lover. Just a CT Addict that owns Bill and can photoshop things. Your friendly BRZ that still isn't a STI...

Zach Kramp

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From the US but I like everything the car world has to offer. Failrace driver #70 Not slow but not fast

MikeTheMiata (MiataSquad) (MarinerSquad)

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Racer of karts, driver of cars, creator of memes, owner of Miatas, watcher of The Office, player of ultimate Frisbee, listener of music. That pretty much sums it up :)

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