Marcel Ferrari

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17th July 2016

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I love Hypercars and super cars love Italian cars. Ferrari and Lamborghini are life. BMW s are nice. Nissan GT-R r34 is a beast.

The Stig's Freakin' Dad

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Some say that the he used to be The Stig's first ride and that it was actually he who invented the curtains. All we know is, he is Stig's Freakin' Dad.

Beast WRX

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I'm a simple man, i see a subaru, i hit like.

Luxury GD

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i have a scooter and likes gumperts


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Ed England

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17 year old car enthusiast Likes cars and carbon fibre Aspiring F1 Mechanical Design Engineer Dream car: Ferrari 430 Scuderia / Porsche GT3 RS (991)

LIBERTY☆WALK( Skyline Squad Member )

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Just a Gear Head who loves Car Art, skylines, and LB☆PERFORMANCE!


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Andre Tavares

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I love cars and I'm going to work at a international car dealership in Greenwich CT

Eduardo Alfonso

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I just really love cars lmao

The TallDutchmen

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18 y/o and 2 meters tall petrolhead/car guy. Very intrested in cars. Know quite a lot, but I'm here to learn and have fun with the CTzens!

Aaron Hall

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from Scotland favourite car: Mustang 350R