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16 y/o Mexican, hobby photographer and dog lover that just won't shut up when talking about the joyfull, dramatic, dark, and exciting stories of Formula 1.


GDL, Mexico


28th December 2015

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• CarThrottle's unofficial F1 Insider • Your resident McLaren and Carlos Sainz fanboy• 18 y/o ex-Mechanical Engineer • • yeet •

Motors Formula Team

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First startup racing team representing Africa and Mauritius Monaco 2018 F1 Historic Grand Prix finished 16/32


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Marco Q (hi)

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Olivier (CT's grammar commie)

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Bilingual (FR/EN/maybe ES) petrolhead for as long as memory goes back, so since the age of 3. Loves everything, with Honda slightly higher. BoRiNg theory as well. Dank meme enthusiast.

TheRossionFan (degenerate gang)

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The site's resident degenerate metalhead World War Two historian. Discord: TheRossionFan#7883

Orhan Özvatan

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Hi, I'm a car artist. I draw realistic car drawing. Generally, I use color pencils and markers for drawing. You can watch my drawing videos on my Youtube Channel.

(what's left of) Sir GT-R

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Ambassador for Speed, F1, Reviews, Gaming and Bored on Drivetribe. Also an ex-CTzen

Tobias Lind

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Just another car enthusiast... Professional detailer

Daniel Corja

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My Favourite Car Is The E34 :) A big Fan of F1 AUDI Bmw Mercedes And hate the French Car industry Born in Moldova Live in Israel :)


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Motor Vehicle Maintenance student | The web link is my Discord server

Engineering Explained

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I like cars. I don't weigh much.

Austin Mini 1000

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Hello! My name is Marijn, a 21 year old Automotive Engineering student with a huge passion for cars, but mainly classic Mini’s and communist cars.

Luca Bazz

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I like import and muscle the same, I'm an F1 fan, but sadly, I'm not old enough to drive a car. Dream car: E46 M3, or toyota supra mk3.


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Mclaren & Audi fanboy and Porsche enthusiast / Perfectionist, part time Artist and Amateur Designer / Loves F1 .


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More Than Motoring

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We are a team of writers who cover automotive news and events from around the world!


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I'm a 20 year-old from down the bottom of the South Island, near Milford Sound. I intend to live life as hard as I can. Project classic Mini.

Roy Scheltinga

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Ridox Supra big single 6spd


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