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some passion never change!




20th October 2015

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21 years old guy from Southern Finland😎

Alex Nordschleife

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I'm Alex from Luxembourg. I'm a singer, and I love GT/Sports cars. I currently daily drive an E90 320d, and I'm the owner of an MKIV TT Supra and a built R33 Skyline.


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Follower of all things cars. BMW Enthusiast - All about that fast F22 life. Want to get to know lots of awesome friendly CTzens and post quality content!

Bartosz Sysak

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Random car guy from Poland

AmilBRZ 🌐

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Blue Car Lover. Just a CT Addict that owns Bill and can photoshop things. Your friendly BRZ that still isn't a STI...

Diogo Bronze

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my name is Diogo I born and raise in Portugal I love fast cars and woman's :) my first car is a Renault Clio 1.9 diesel. I bought the car for 550 Euros and it runs like a Swiss watch wope you enjoy :)

Raymond Joacquet

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Old english car lover, and good old mechanics passionate.